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postcards from iowa
Postcards from Iowa.
48 Individual Screenprints.
Editions of 80. All 4.25x6

Botanical gardens provide curated spaces where we can experience a summary of the greater environments we live in. Cobbled together in one place, we can browse through a multitude of species and gain a greater understanding of the environment as a whole. Today, less than 0.1 percent of the original 28.6 million acres of Iowa prairie remain. Our native ecosystem has instead been supplanted entirely by a handful of nearly identical varietals of corn and soybeans, only distinguishable by signage and corporate logos.

Heading east from Grinnell, Iowa, on Highway 6 - or for that matter, most anywhere in the Midwest - seed demonstration plots line the highways. In a warped sense, these plant showcases are our own contemporary botanical gardens. For this series, each seed sign from Monsanto's 2008 demonstration plot has been drawn and screen printed as postcards. When we travel, we buy postcards that represent important monuments, individuals, or subtle facets of a culture, sending them back to our family and friends. I hope that you will take a postcard, mail it, and share a little bit of Iowa with someone you know. These postcards are free to take! Please pick your favorite strain and disseminate as you see fit.